Our Team

RICHARD HOO (Training)
  • An Australian Civil Engineer at heart and GM of Faber Hotels, Renong Group
  • 18 years experience in Construction Industries. Handled projects in Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam
  • Diploma in Real Estate (RE) and is currently a Probationary Estate Agent
  • >10 years experience in RE industries.
  • Specialising in Land, Commercial properties, residential properties
  • Leads Training in AcreHill Properties
JOSEPH YAP (Branches, International Sales, Finance, Admin)
  • BP’s UK MBA Scholar. 13 year as management in BP. 6 years in China: ran 550 BP’s Petrol Stations and Convenient Shops with 12,000 staff
  • 6 years in McDonald’s as Senior Director running Drive Thru, McCafe, McDelivery, Call Centre and Sundea Kioks, Franchising, Chainoutlet Management.
  • Properties investor for 15 years & pursuing Executive Diploma in Real Estate
  • Experience in Australian Property Sales
  • Leads Branches Expansion, International Sales, Finance, Admin and Operations for AcreHill Properties
MICHELLE LEE (Sub-sales & Project Lead)
  • An Australian Trained Secretary but more of a dedicated Real Estate person at heart.
  • Since 1997: 6 years in Kim Realty
  • 2004 to 2016: Started SummerHill Realty. For 12 years led a team of up to 50 REN
  • 18 years experience in Real Estate, also equally expert in project marketing and Australian Property Sales
  • Sub-sales specialist in all properties around Tropicana & Kota Damansara Area
  • Leads Sub-sales team in AcreHill Properties

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